General Note

Kitesurfing by definition imposes distancing as each student must respect a significant gap without the risk of getting tangled with another person.

During the reception, distribution of the equipment, assembly of the equipment, briefing, debriefing and return to the truck, the 2 meters distance can be respected without any worries. If for any reason this distance cannot be respected, the school has masks for everyone.

General Functioning

For the summer holidays, the general organisation of the courses is as follows:

– course only if there is enough space on the beach (respect of distances with other users), otherwise the course will be cancelled or postponed.

– maximum 1 lesson per day, which implies only one use of the material per day

– give priority to the use of students’ personal equipment (neoprene suit)

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– only by dematerialised ways (phone or website)

– give preference to payment by dematerialised ways (bank transfer), otherwise cash or cheque

Customer welcome

– the appointment for the course is fixed directly on the parking lot of the chosen practice spot, at the level of the school van

– the instructor will have masks and hydro-alcoholic gel (it is however recommended that the student arrives with his/her own mask)

– Students and instructor keep their masks on until the kite is launched or in the air (if the 2 meters distance can not be respected) 

– signs signs gates gestures barriers + emergency numbers in the truck, in full view of everyone

– Distribution of individual equipment to each student by the instructor (bar, kite, board, wetsuit, safety vest, radio).

– the equipment is disinfected and rinsed at the end of each course

Access to the practice spot

– walking towards the practice spot respecting the distance of 2m between each person, each pupil carries his personal equipment that he will use during the course (no loan, exchange or transfer)

– once on the practice site, each student respects a distance of 10m between each one to prepare his equipment, the instructor helps each student separately by moving from one to the other


– once the equipment is ready, briefing to each student separately, or at least with a distance of 2m if collective briefing.

Lesson schedule

– by definition, the kitesurf respects the distance between the equipment used and the length of the lines (minimum 50m between each student).

– the monitor gives the information/corrections via the radio placed on the helmet beforehand

– the instructor can move from student to student for possible demonstrations

End of the lesson

– each student puts his or her mask back on the moment he or she lands the wing on the ground (if the 2 meters distance can not be respected)

– each student arranges his equipment independently, respecting the 10m distance as for the assembly of the equipment.

– return to the truck with his personal equipment, respecting the minimum distance between each of 2m

– the monitor stores the equipment in the truck


– the instructor ensures that each item of equipment used is disinfected and rinsed after each course (use of Bacterclean rinse agent)