Strapless Surf Lessons in the Landes

Dare to abandon the twintip and ride the Landes waves with your Strapless Surf?

If you are totally beginner, trying to understand how to manage your kite while riding the wave, or even wanting to go in the air with your Strapless board….

Different lessons and courses of Strapless Surf are possible:

Introduction to Strapless Surf

The ABC guide to let go of your twintip and get unstrapped

You will get all advices you need, from the choice of the board, till the waterstart without straps!

If you are already advanced, you can have a lesson to learn how to jibe properly, duck tack and more!

Strapless Surf in the Waves

Ride the wave knowing what to do with your kite

Riding the wave with your kite is not that easy at first sight…

You will learn all theory of what to do with your kite, and apply it while riding, in order to enjoy the wave playground of the Landes at its best!

Freestyle Strapless Surf

All secrets
to take some air!

Regarding your expectations, we will build up a plan so you can reach your objectives!

Good things to know...

The practice of kitesurfing requires subscribing a specially dedicated liability insurance. More info on the insurance page of our website

You can subscribe to this Liability Insurance directly from our partner AFkite by clicking here or on the logo at the bottom of the page and provide the school number: 40660 (normally pre-filled in the form)

Kitesurfing is accessible to everyone. To be able to take a lesson with KiteLand, you’ll just need:
  • To know how to swim
  • Good mood
For children, we ask:
  • a minimum age of 12 years old and a minimum weight of 35kg
  • parental permission (to be downloaded by clicking here, to fill in and send us back with your deposit or send the scan by email)