Insurance for Kitesurf Lessons

KiteLand kiteschool is affiliated to the Association Française de Kite (AF Kite)

The Civil Liability (CI) insurance is MANDATORY to practice Kitesurf

Contact your insurance company to see if your Personal Liability covers and includes kitesurfing practice

If your Personal Liability does not include the practice of kitesurfing, you can subscribe directly by clicking on the AFKite logo just below

Save time by subscribing online before your lessons

Click on the logo AFKITE and follow instructions (in French… but easy to understand)

The school code is 40660 (normally already filled-in)

The insurance is valid for 365 days worldwide

If you think of practicing kitesurf after your lessons, you can subscribe for the Rider insurance (assurance pratiquant)

You will receive your certificate instantly on your email

With this subscription, you can chose the starting date at the first day of your lesson (or any other date)

You will then benefit of a real 365 days insurance coverage

We also strongly recommend you to subscribe the Single Personnal Accident (I.A.) option that will cover any body damage, and your repatriation (“rapatriement”)

Advantage linked to the AFKite subscription: the KITEPASS

The KitePass is a card that attest your level and allows you to follow your improvement

More than be insured for the kitesurf practice, you will also receive your KitePass

This card is worldwide recognized including IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation), and will allow you to attest your level in other french kiteschools or when traveling around in other countries


  • CI : Civil Liability, covers you from any damage you might cause to others
  • IA : Single Personnal Accident, covers you from any damage you can cause to yourself, as well as the financial loss that you may have for not being able to work for a certain period