Typical learnings of each lesson

Here is an overview of the knowledge acquired at each lesson

This “typical” chronology is here to give you a through line

It can be different to adapt to the meteo conditions and to your level

In order to go away from other users of the beach and practice in a quite place, each spot has  a little access walk (20min maximum walk depending on the spot)

The lesson begins when we arrive on the beach, and ends when we leave the beach.

Each lesson includes a security briefing before the practice, and a debriefing at the end on what each student learned and what he needs to work on in his progression

Introduction lesson

Spot analysis

  • spot particularities
  • meteo (wind & tide and their effects)
  • potential risks…


  • set up
  • safety systems


  • discovery of the wind window
  • piloting the kite with 2 hands
  • piloting the kite with 1 hand
  • how to relaunch the kite
  • moving with your kite

First Rides Course

Spot analysis

  • take in account the other users of the beach and the natural elements


  • set up my kite on my own
  • choose and adjut my board


  • discovery and control of the power
  • directional body drag (to get back my board)
  • body drag with power
  • first waterstarts
  • first rides

Road to Autonomy Course

Spot analysis

  • choose a place to practice safely
  • rules of priority while riding


  • different types of kites
  • which gear to choose after my course


  • launching/landing the kite with an assistant
  • riding longer on both sides
  • riding upwind
  • emergency stop
  • self-rescue
  • first transitions
  • first jumps ofr the more talented

This “typical” chonology is not contractual at all, it is just there to give you an idea of the knowledge to acquire on a logical way

It might be slightly differ regarding what you your skills and level, ragrding the meteo conditions, the state of the ocean, and so on…

The teacher will adapt his teaching to your skills in order to make you improve quicker