General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Here are the general terms and conditions of sale which apply to all services that offer KiteLand kitesurf school

Early booking, booking and prices

An nominative early-booking has to be made by phone or through the reservation form.

The booking will be effective and confirmed once the deposit of the amount of the price of first lesson per person wishing to take lesson(s) will be received by KiteLand (120€ in low season, 130€ in high season).

  • Low season = May/June/September/October
  • High season = July/August

You will be noticed by email once we receive the deposit.

The balance between the deposit and the total price of the course choosen by the student is to be paid at the latest before the first lesson.

You can refer to the prices webpage to know the exact price of your course.

Wind guarantee – Refund

Lessons are on a hour lenght base schedule.

We give lessons on a 3 hours base per lesson. This 3 hours include: preparation, briefing, lesson and debriefing.

If the meteo conditions are not good for practicing regarding your level, lessons will not be charged.

If conditions change during a lesson and make impossible to finish the lesson, the school will charge you the lesson in proportion of what has been done, with the possibility for the student to be refund of the balance, or to postpone the time left during another lesson when conditions are better..

Lessons not performed due to meteo conditions are fully refund, postponed to another day to your convenience in the same year, or lost.

Process, Timetable, Organisation

Lessons or courses are made on a 3 hours base. This 3 hours might be variable depending on meteo conditions, student objectives as well as teacher objectives.

The teacher is free to choose his schedule, lesson organisation and tools to implement.

The teacher can modify the schedule and educational methods on each student regarding meteo conditions, student objectives or any other factors.

The schedule listed in the organisation are here to help the student to organise his day, but is not contractual.

Lessons can be given between 9.00 AM until 21.00 PM, the teacher will choose the best period reagrding tides, conditions and in particular the wind.

The student needs to be ready and available to the change of scedule otherwise his absence will not proceed to any refund or adjournment of the lesson in any way.

Some lessons might be longer anticipate or counterbalance other lessons where conditions are not so favorable for kitesurf practice. The timing will be taken in account in the total amount of hours of the course that the student registered for.

Inherent Risks of the Activity

Kitesurf is a board sport practiced with mother nature. It is a recent and still in evolution sports. Technical evolutions make improve accessibility and safety of the kitesurf constantly.

Nevertheless, kitesurfing remains an extrem sport with risks. The kite is an equipment which can cause serious injuries and kill the person who practice it.

In this way, the rules and instructions given by the teacher have always to be followed scrupulously.

Kitesurfing is a nature sport that we practice in nature areas. This nature has to be respected.

Kitesurf is a sport dependant of meteo conditions, which are by definition uncertain and unpredictable.

Damage of the Equipment/Gears

For lessons or courses from “Introduction” until “Road to Autonomy” (5 x 3 hours), the damages made to the equipment/gears will be assumed by the school as the student is a beginner still learning, except if the student did not respect the safety instructions.

In this last case of non-respect of the safety instructions, the school and the student will split the price of the repairs (50% for the school – 50% for the student).

For the advanced lessons, strapless lessons, freestyle lessons, monitoring ride, foil lessons and rental, the student is considered as independant and responsible. In those lessons, the choice of the gears will be done by yourself (in advice with your teacher) on a recent and top of the range gear quiver in perfect state.

Therefore, any damage or loss of the gear of the KiteLand school will be entirely assumed by the student and the student will be charge 100% of the repair or change of the gear damaged or lost. A guarantee deposit of 800 euros can be asked to the student at the beginning of one of those advance lessons, monitoring ride or rental.


Kitesurf or kitesurfing are “risk” activities freqently excluded from classic insurance contracts. If the student insurance contract does not write clearly that kitesurfing or kitesurf is include in his contract, then it is not included.

The Civil Liability (R.C. in French: Responsabilité Civile ) is mandatory for practicing kitesurf. It is made to cover the damages you might do to others by involuntary action.

The Personnal Insurance (I.A. in French: Individeulle Accident) protects your from damages you can do to yourself that can affect your ability to go to work for a period.

You have to subscribe for Civil Liability for your lessons/course with KiteLand school, or show a proof of your insurance that you are covered for “kitesurf practice” specifically. This has to be clearly writen on your contract.

A 365 days student insurance is available at the beginning of the lesson, or you can take it online to earn some time by cliquing on the logo AF Kite at the bottom of the page or on the Insurance webpage of the site.

On the other hand, if you practice kitesurf on your own, it is recommended to take the “Rider” Insurance, that covers you 365 days as well, for lessons and your personnal practice.

We strongly recommend you to subscibre the Personnal Insurance for damages you can cause to yourself and repatration.

If you do not subcribe for this specific insurance negociated for kitesurf by AF Kite, your personnal insurance needs absolutely to produce you a paper covering the practice of kitesurf.

You can refer to the insurance webpage to know eveything about insurance and kitesurf.

Adjournment and CancelLation

The cancellation of the lessons by the student are possible with consent by the school and the student with the following conditions:

  • A lesson cancelled 1 week before the start of the first lesson will be totally refund.
  • A lessons cancelled between 1 week and the day before the lesson will see the deposit kept by KiteLand School.
  • A lesson cancelled the day before the lesson will be charged for the half of the price lesson.
Case of Cancellation

Depending of the number of students on a group lesson, the time of the lesson will change as folows :

  • If the number of students for a group lesson is only 1 person, then the lesson will be transefered as a private lesson and will have a duration of 2 hours (instead of 3 hours) with no increase of the price for the student.
  • If the group is 2 persons, the lesson will have a duration of 2h00 as well (semi-private lesson), with no increase of the price for each student.
  • If the group is 3 or 4 persons, the lesson will have a duration of 3h00.

Every course started is due in totality.

If the student is absent for the lesson he was registered for, then the lesson will be due in totality.

Respect of Instructions and equipment/Gears

You are in lesson/course of kitesurf. Therefore you commit to respect:

  • teacher’s instructions,
  • safety rules and advices that you have been told,
  • the equipment/gears that your are using,
  • the area and the environment in which you will be performing.

These general terms and conditions of sales establish a mutual commitment contract between KiteLand school and the student.

By registrating, the student commit to accpet and respect all of the conditions above. The student certify that he is medically and physically able to practice kitesurf, and able to dive and swim during 50 meters.

The booking or take of a lesson involve the total agreement, without any restrictions, of these general terms and conditions of sales.